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Office Trailer_Inside and Closet area
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Office Trailer Desk Area
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Office Trailer Toilet
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Office Trailer Rentals in Sundre and Central Alberta

Big Rock Waste Disposal now provides office trailer rentals for your office needs in remote areas in Central Alberta. Fully equipped with microwave ovens, tables and desk areas, and a clean toilet, you can do your computer and paperwork and relax in comfort from the elements. Our portable office is fully heated with insulation to help withstand wet and cold weather, so we can help you be productive when it’s time to do the office work. Get in touch to chat with us about the office trailer rentals!


Portable Toilet Rental

Rent portable toilets for your next outdoor event or family gathering.

Garbage Bin Rental

We’ll deliver the garbage bins directly to your work site.

Safety is Important

Our staff undergoes training in the latest safety standards.

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